Goons of Balatroon
Goons of Balatroon IDO

will be launched on GamesPad

Deal Details

GamesPad is continuously searching for the best crypto-powered games to bring to our investing community, and we’re glad to announce our newest upcoming deal with Goons of Balatroon

This trading card game and fantastical virtual world can be your next profitable investment. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting project.

Launch Date


Total Raise

1,400,000 GOB



Min Allocation


Max Allocation

1190 BUSD

Token Information


Goons of Balatroon



Token Price



20% at TGE, 20% after per month

Goons of Balatroon description

Goons of Balatroon is a digital asset-based environment that engages and empowers individuals via digital ownership and financial activities. At the heart of this universe is a blockchain-based trading card game in which participants battle with crazy and eccentric cards. The cards’ comedic tone reflects the casual and joyful atmosphere of the Balatroon fantasy setting. 

The project is powered by Unity on the Ethereum network to enable players to possess useable and functional in-game NFTs. These digital assets allow their owners to earn additional real-world value incentives or be traded on NFT exchanges.

Goons of Balatroon key features

Functional in-game NFTs

Digital assets such as Goon Characters, Goon Cards, and personalization goods are a necessary and fundamental aspect of the game. While such resources are not required to play the game or be a part of the community, they may help players improve and grow with the game by increasing their engagement and advancing their playing level.

User growth

While ownership of Goon NFTs grants full economic access to the game, there are other ways for potential players to enter the gaming world at a lower cost. New players can choose to lease a Goon NFT or play the game without any NFTs at all. A user can access a pool of default, free non-NFT playing cards by launching the game. They may now combat any other player and earn $GOB for in-game improvements or new cards.

Play-to-earn rewards

Players will get prizes from the play-to-earn rewards pool by actively playing the game, transferring digital assets, and engaging in different gaming activities that benefit the economy. The prizes are distributed through daily awards, tournaments, special events, and objectives.

Investors and partners

Other than GamesPad, some of the Goons of Balatroon partners are:

  • Skyvision Capital
  • Vulcan Forged
  • Immutable X
  • Monster Buds
  • Coniun
  • Playnity
  • IMX Rarity
  • Token Trove

Why you should invest in Goons of Balatroon

This project can be a great addition to your crypto portfolio. Goons of Balatroon is a groundbreaking virtual reality and trading cards game that provides users with fun playability and environment while also presenting great profitable opportunities. 

This free-to-play game shows a premium economic layer. Players may gather digital assets, earn greater gameplay prizes, and access features that improve the gaming experience. Natural currency flows to maintain the game economy, including fees from gaming-related activities as inflows and properly managed rewards from gaming and staking activities as outflows.

Token ticker: $GOB

Vesting schedule: 20% tge and 20% each month

How to join the Goons of Balatroon IDO on GamesPad?

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  2. Register and complete KYC (Know-Your-Customer procedure) 
  3. Activate your tier on GamesPad: 

3.1. Buy $GMPD tokens

3.2. Purchase the GamesPad NFT

3.3. Lock-in $GMPD tokens and NFTs on the platform

4. Join the IDO deal on GamesPad! 

You can also staking and farm your $GMPD tokens to activate your tier. Read more in this step-by-step guide to investing with GamesPad

Goons of Balatroon

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