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GamesPad is thrilled to announce an IDO deal with Health Hero, a Web3 health company that incorporates play-to-earn.

In the Web3 ecosystem, the concept of “Do-it-to-Earn” has received increasing popularity. As the name suggests, the “Do-it-to-Earn” model allows users to earn rewards in the form of digital assets based on different routine activities, ranging from playing and running to learning. 

This concept has already been applied to the gaming and fitness fields, leading to the birth of play-to-earn and move-to-earn, which have grown to become multi-million dollar industries. However, this idea can also be incorporated across other spaces, namely health. 

That is why GamesPad is thrilled to announce an upcoming IDO deal with Health Hero, a health-focused platform that employs the play-to-earn mechanism in a bid to reshape the health insurance market.

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Health Hero



Token Price

20% TGE, 1-month cliff, rest linear for 12 months



What is Health Hero?

Health Hero is an NFT-based, Web3 health platform that uses the P2E model to reward users with crypto assets in exchange for living a healthy lifestyle. It is a smart, open, and decentralized gamified health engagement platform that leverages IoT/connected devices and DeFi to give users real motivation to stay healthy, allowing everyone to finance their core needs by living a healthy lifestyle. 

By using Health Hero, participants can sync daily steps, compete in daily challenges, and complete expansive story missions across the galactic metaverse, all supported by P2E blockchain tokenomics. The Health Hero platform currently boasts over 11,000 organizations worldwide, which use the app to improve the health of their employees. 

The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read receipts and identify healthy items, rewarding users with cash back when proof of fruit or vegetable purchases is determined. The platform also makes scheduling services and coordinating care easy.

Health Hero key features 

Health Hero is an innovative Web3 health platform. Here are some exciting features of the platform:

  • Motivate your employees to stay healthy. Organizations can tap Health Hero and incentivize their employees to eat healthy and work out by offering them additional rewards. 
  • Stay healthy and earn rewards. The more users move, the more they earn and win. In Health Hero City, players have the opportunity to collect native $HLTHY tokens, earn, and level up.
  • Earn passive income. Purchasing a Go!Bot allows participants to start collecting $HLTHY tokens and partake in the in-game economics. Earning $HLTHY means having no-cost health plans and free healthy food.
  • ​​Rent NFTs and earn more. Using pre-set smart contracts, users can transfer ownership of high-value Go!Bots and LOOT NFTs for a predefined period in return for a specific interest rate.

Health Hero Tokenomics

HLTHY is the native token of the Health Hero platform. There will be a total of 888,888,888 HLTHY tokens ever minted. In terms of token distribution, 9% of HLTHY’s total supply (or 80,000,000 tokens) will be offered to users via private sale and another 1% (8,888,889 tokens) via public sale.

Furthermore, 5% of the token supply will be used to incentivize liquidity provision, 26% for staking rewards, and 18% for users incentives. The remaining tokens will be dedicated to the team and advisors, to fund marketing and operation costs, as well as the development of the project. 

Health Hero NFT

Health Hero allows its users to create and trade their own personalized cards, or so-called Wellness NFTs (W-NFTs). These NFTs act as personalized digital trading cards, with the goal to incentivize and gamify health and wellness. 

Health Hero Metaverse

The platform’s metaverse is called Health Hero City, a healthy virtual world focused on creating passive income and free basic needs for its community members. Health Hero City is divided into parcels of land called Go!Bots.

Go!Bots is a collection of programmatically generated NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains that consists of 8,888 randomly generated and assembled bot-themed NFTs. Go!Bots have a variety of headgear, mouth expressions, eye expressions, superhero gear, and color patterns that provide uniqueness to each Go!Bot.

Health Hero Staking Rules 

Health Hero has allocated 26% of the total supply of its native token to staking rewards. This will incentivize users to stake and hold their tokens during the early stage of the game development while some significant game features will still be under development. Staking will progressively decrease as new features are released.

When users of free health plans stake their $HLTHY tokens, the price of the service is reduced:

  • If staked 1,000 HLTHY, the price is 180 tokens per user per month; 
  • If staked 2,500 HLTHY, the price is 150 tokens per user per month; 
  • If staked 5,000 HLTHY, the price is 100 tokens per user per month; 
  • If staked 25,000 HLTHY, the price is 50 tokens per user per month; 
  • If staked 50,000 HLTHY, the service is provided for free; 
  • If staked 100,000 HLTHY, the service is provided for free.

Users can also stake for “cashback” via the $HLTHY Eating program, which allows them to earn cashback when purchasing healthy items such as fruit and vegetables. 

  • If staked 1,000 HLTHY, the cashback rate is 2%; 
  • If staked 2,500 HLTHY, the cashback rate is 3%; 
  • If staked 5,000 HLTHY, the cashback rate is 5%; 
  • If staked 25,000 HLTHY, the cashback rate is 7%;
  • If staked 50,000 HLTHY, the cashback rate is 10%; 
  • If staked 100,000 HLTHY, the cashback rate is 25%.

Investors and partners 

  • Animoca Brands is a global leader in gamification and blockchain, with a large portfolio of about 200 investments in NFT-related firms and decentralized projects contributing to building the open Metaverse.
  • Polygon is a major worldwide player in property damage control, providing solutions to prevent, control and mitigate all kinds of property damage.
  • Blockchain Founders Fund is a Singapore-based early-stage Venture Capital Fund which invests in top-tier Blockchain startups globally.
  • IoTeX is a fast, secure, and decentralized platform that connects real-world devices, data, and utility to blockchain dApps.
  • Welltech Ventures is Israel’s first and leading fund focused exclusively on investing in the wellness space.

Health Hero RoadMap 

May 2022

  • Health Hero City launch
  • About 9,000 GO!Bots available via Health Hero City
  • Global challenges and giveaways
  • W-NFTs available for sale

June-July 2022

  • Health-to-Earn (H2E)
  • Web experience launch
  • Telehealth launch
  • Health Hero GameJam #1
  • Healthy Eating Vash-Back program release

July-August 2022

  • Special giveaway 
  • Mobile experience launch
  • Go!Quiz
  • Merch
  • Mini-games 
  • Health Hero GameJam #2
  • Loot boxes and badges introduction 

August-September 2022

  • 3D art rendering of Go!Bots are delivered to Go!Bots owners
  • Health Hero Metaverse launch
  • Health/Fitness services partnerships
  • Tech partnerships own parcels to provide services 
  • Opportunities to users with access to the Health Hero Metaverse
  • Health Hero Game Jam #3
  • Mental TeleHealth
  • Devpost and Gitcoin competitions
  • Live prayers and live meditations
  • In-app multi-chain wallet available

September-October 2022

  • Loot item crafting 
  • $HLTHY token launch (utility token)
  • Staking start
  • Health Hero Game Jam #4
  • Charity challenge
  • Rent/craft of items
  • Devpost and Gitcoin competitions
  • Non-NFT purchases, skins, map styles, etc.
  • Rewards marketplace 

October-November 2022

  • Exclusive online Health Hero event
  • PVP Go!Bots battles
  • Health Hero VIP-experience the Health Hero Go!Bots in AR
  • Health Hero Game Jam#5
  • International TeleHealth
  • User generated Go!Bot collection spawns with merging Go!Bots
  • Devpost and Gitcoin competitions

November-December 2022

  • Decentralized Healthcare records launch
  • Animated shorts, comic book strips, etc
  • Released to the community
  • Health Hero DAO
  • Health Hero Game Jam #6
  • Governance token
  • Devpost and Gitcoin competitions
Health Hero

Why you should invest in Health Hero

Health Hero is a next-gen, innovative Web3 health platform that aims to incentivize healthy eating and lifestyle by providing rewards in the form of its native cryptocurrency. It also allows organizations to incentivize their employees to eat more fruits and vegetables and work out by offering them additional rewards. Considering that it is among the very few health platforms that incorporate a P2E model, Health Hero has massive potential for growth.

Token ticker: $HLTHY

IDO Date: 09/10/2022

Vesting schedule: 20% TGE, 1-month cliff, rest linear for 12 months

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Health Hero

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