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GamesPad is thrilled to announce an IDO deal with MetaVision, a metaverse project that aims to give people the best virtual experience.


The metaverse is primarily exciting because it promises to deliver immersive experiences, laying the groundwork for a vast virtual world as close to reality as possible. Likewise, the success of a metaverse project depends largely on its ability to create realistic visual designs and offer the anticipated immersive experience. 

One such metaverse project is MetaVision, and GamesPad is thrilled to announce an upcoming IDO deal with it. Built on Binance Smart Chain by a team of professionals, MetaVision is committed to providing the best virtual experience.

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Meta Vision



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15% TGE, 2 month cliff, 12 month linear vesting


MetaVision description

MetaVision is a metaverse project that aims to offer everyone the best virtual experiences. Supported by Binance Smart Chain, the project is VR integrated and boasts high-quality realistic visual designs created on Unreal Engine 5, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool.

The digital world of MetaVision consists of four main areas, which include MetaStreet, MetaLands, Tron, and Vision. The project enables users to virtually buy and sell, advertise, explore, and play blockchain games in these areas.

MetaVision key features

MetaVision sets itself apart from other metaverse projects by offering high-quality realistic visual designs. Here are other core features of this project:

  • MetaVision is one of the few metaverse projects that has integrated VR to offer next-level quality.
  • The metaverse has various virtual stores called MetaStore, where users can shop physical or digital goods.
  • There are also virtual billboards in the metaverse called MetaBillboard, which allow brands and businesses to advertise their products.
  • The metaverse has an entire area dedicated to P2E gaming.
  • It also has an area for virtual events, like concerts and shows.
  • An integrated NFT marketplace as well as unique NFTs.

MetaVision partners

  • BullPerks is the fairest and most community-oriented decentralized VC and multichain launchpad.
  • GamesPad is the world’s first holistic gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem
  • 11Minutes is a first-of-its-kind play-to-earn game series.
  • Synapse Network is a bridge between blockchain ecospheres, brands and investors.
  • WealthUnion is a crypto-focused investment fund.
  • R-930 Capital is an active blockchain-attentive venture capital firm.
  • AlphaCrypto is a decentralized, self-developed launching platform of blockchain games.
  • Legion Ventures is a crypto-focused VC firm.
  • Cookie3 is a blockchain analytics platform.

Why you should invest in MetaVision 

MetaVision is on the right path to becoming a major metaverse project. For one, the project is developing a virtual world with realistic visual designs and immersive experiences. Users can literally feel the spirit of cities such as New York and Hong Kong. Moreover, MetaVision enables users to virtually buy and sell, advertise, explore, and play blockchain games in different areas. The project strives to bridge the real and virtual worlds, which makes it even more exciting for potential investors.

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Token ticker: $MVIS, $MVS

IDO Date: TBA 

Vesting schedule: 15% TGE, 2 month cliff, 12 month linear vesting

How to join the MetaVision IDO on GamesPad?

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  1. Create a wallet
  2. Register and complete KYC (Know-Your-Customer procedure) 
  3. Activate your tier on GamesPad: 

3.1. Buy $GMPD tokens

3.2. Purchase the GamesPad NFT

3.3. Lock-in $GMPD tokens and NFTs on the platform

4. Join the IDO deal on GamesPad! 

You can also staking and farm your $GMPD tokens to activate your tier. Read more in this step-by-step guide to investing with GamesPad.


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