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GamesPad is happy to announce a new IDO deal with MetaverseMe, bringing your avatar into the metaverse. 

An avatar is an embodiment of a person or thing in another form, typically in a digital or online context. In other words, an avatar can be seen as a digital self or alter ego. There are different types of avatars, and they can be used for different purposes. For instance, some people use avatars to represent themselves in online games, while others use them to create completely new identities in the virtual world. However, the most common use for avatars is probably as a personalization tool on social media platforms  In these cases, avatars can help people to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. So, whether you’re using an avatar to escape reality or just to add some personality to your online persona, there’s no doubt that they are a fascinating and integral part of the digital world. This exciting project, the MetaverseMe is on a mission to give people the freedom and power they need in order to truly express themselves inside the metaverse through developing an application that creates your digital self, an avatar.

So without further delay, GamesPad is pleased to announce its new upcoming IDO with MetaversMe, a platform, and marketplace for exploring and sharing your digital self through NFTs, fashion, AR, games, dance, and music.

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About MetaverseMe

MetaverseMe is a platform and marketplace for exploring and sharing your digital self through NFTs, fashion, AR, games, dance, and music. MetaverseMe brings your avatar (your ME!) into the Metaverse, where you can explore, communicate, create videos, collect rare fashion items, and many more. The MetaverseME app for iOS and Android is expected to be available in closed beta for a limited audience in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

MetaverseMe key features

  • The MetaverseMe App is where you can create your own avatar called “ME”. Where you express yourself with unique digital fashion, and style, and use your avatars as characters in games.
  • The team of MetaverseMe is also developing KickOff Evolution, a 5v5 free-to-play multiplayer football game, in which you control a single character (ME!) in a team, with a unique control system and viewpoint.
  • The MetaverseMe Marketplace allows you to trade collectibles as NFTs, including exclusive fashion items.

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