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GamesPad is thrilled to announce an IDO deal with Plagood, a social entertainment app that employs an entertain-to-earn mechanism.

One concept that has recently gained notable traction within the crypto industry is the idea of “Do-it-to-Earn.” As the name suggests, the “Do-it-to-Earn” mechanism allows participants to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies based on various activities, ranging from playing and running to learning. 

Play-to-earn and move-to-earn have already become multi-million dollar industries, and continue to grow aggressively. However, this idea can also be applied across other industries, namely entertainment. 

That is why GamesPad is thrilled to announce an upcoming IDO deal with Plagood, a social platform that employs an entertain-to-earn model.

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5% unlock at TGE, 1mo cliff, 5 mo linear vesting

Plagood description

Plagood is an innovative social entertainment app that allows everyone to easily swap themselves into popular music videos. Powered by advanced AI technology, the platform also makes it possible for users to swap themselves onto iconic clips of their favorite artists. 

Moreover, Plagood is one of the first social entertainment apps to include an entertain-to-earn (E2E) product. This means participants will be rewarded in the form of Plagood’s native token in exchange for creating fun music videos, a novel mechanism designed to accelerate adoption and incentivize participation on the platform.


Plagood key features

Plagood primarily sets itself apart from a long list of social entertainment apps by implementing an entertain-to-earn model. However, there is more to this app:

  • Plagood is a ground-breaking app that allows fans to connect deeper with their favorite artists by swapping themselves onto their clips.
  • The platform has partnered with major recording and publishing groups like Nvidia and Universal Music to offer best experiences. 
  • Plagood has grown in popularity recently with an active user base of over 80,000.
  • With its entertain-to-earn model, the app incentivizes participation and enables users to earn while having fun.
  • The platform also incorporates NFTs, allowing artists to make use of this innovation and unlock new monetization streams. 

Plagood partners

  • Warner Music Group is a major music company with interests in recorded music, music publishing and artist services.
  • Sony Music is an American multinational music company.
  • Universal Music Group is a leading music company.
  • NVIDIA Inception is a free program designed to help startups evolve faster through access to cutting-edge technology and NVIDIA experts.
  • GDA is a leading global digital asset investment and capital markets advisory firm.

Why you should invest in Plagood 

Plagood is a new fun social entertainment app that uses an entertain-to-earn model to incentivize participation on the platform. Capitalizing on the boom in synthetic media, the platform aims to grow into one the largest players in the industry. By integrating NFTs, the platform will unlock new monetization streams for artists, while allowing users to engage with their favorite artists and their music in entirely new ways. 

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Token ticker: $PGT

IDO Date: TBA 

Vesting schedule: 5% unlock at TGE, 1mo cliff, 5 mo linear vesting

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