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GamesPad is thrilled to announce a new IDO deal with Project Hive, a Play-to-Earn PvP oriented turn-based game with high-quality NFT items and challenging PvE content.

The future of play-to-earn projects and the entire GameFi sector now seems limitless, and for obvious reasons. Many GameFi projects were able to earn millions in the 2021 year alone, and the market has increased significantly. With all these dramatic changes in the industry today, we want to highlight Project Hive

This exciting project is built by developers and gamers, inspired by such big names in the industry as ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, ‘Ghostrunner’ and ‘Combats.’ The team behind it wants to offer their users something to connect a permanent virtual world with the real economy, providing a direct connection between them. Today, GamesPad is happy to announce the upcoming IDO deal with this exciting Play-to-Earn PvP-oriented turn-based game. We are confident that the cooperation with Project Hive will be successful and fruitful and bring many benefits to our communities.

Project Hive
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Project Hive

About Project Hive

Project Hive is an addictive PVP-focused RPG featuring NFT items, a Clan system, extraordinary 3D graphics, and a PVE campaign.

Most in-game game items are presented as unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — transferable and tradable assets. Gamers retain full control over their game property. This approach also allows them to create, improve, and trade NFTs for additional income and participation in the game’s actual development.

The passionate team behind Project Hive values ​​the quality of a product almost as much as the community around it. Therefore, all 3D models in this unique game have been created by talented artists and subsequently tokenized to give the community full control over the game property. In addition, the team has created a user-friendly solution that allows anyone to create skins and models for in-game 3D objects and earn money from these works of art.

Project Hive key features

Project Hive stands out from other games due to its unique functionality and a lot of exciting features:

  • An exciting GameFi project created by a 30+ strong team of top-notch professionals in the industry. Unity of expertise in web applications, marketplaces, and game building makes a powerful synergy to deliver a solid product. 
  • Bridging the gap between traditional and crypto games by creating a high-quality product to develop in the $200+ billion markets of traditional games, where players have access to all game features no matter the platform (PC, Browser, Mobile) or financial status. It is also accessible with both crypto and fiat. 

A truly sustainable economic system entirely created by players, where the developers play the role of a central bank, regulating inflation rates. In addition, win-2-Earn and Passive income mechanics help stabilize the economy even further and provide a simple play-and-earn economy with a much-needed balance between supply and demand.

Project Hive

Investors and Partners


  • Orion Depp is one of crypto thought leaders, cryptocurrency fund manager, and business advisor. 
  • Maven Capital is one of the UK’s leading private equity and investment firms.
  • 18 Ventures is a VC Firm that was created to help the best founders execute their ideas without making mistakes. 

Strategic Investors:

  • BigBrainVC are big brain holdings crypto exclusive fund investing in pre-seed, seed and early stage projects.
  • SolRazr ​​is the first decentralized developer ecosystem for Solana.

Why you should invest in Project Hive

Project Hive allows artists to create content and add it to the game, using voting and profit-sharing mechanics. Experienced and passionate professionals behind Project Hive believe that only with the voice of a dedicated community something genuinely unique and attractive can be built.

Today, with the power of blockchain tech and modern economics models, gamers, investors, and crypto enthusiasts can redefine the genre and give the power of an in-game shop to the project’s community. 

Project Hive’s economy is built by the players who can benefit from the project’s success and its income. By playing this PvP-oriented turn-based game, everyone can create items and skins, earn in-game currency, make decisions about future development, trade on the open market and have fun all the way around. Project Hive definitely looks like a project that might pique the interest of potential investors and gamers. 


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Project Hive

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