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GamesPad is thrilled to announce an IDO deal with The Last World, an MMORPG Metaverse game about a post-apocalypse world.

The future of the GameFi market seems limitless now: it has already surpassed movies and music combined, and it is extremely trendy worldwide, with all ages, and with all demographic groups. 

Many NFT and Metaverse games were able to earn millions in 2021, and the market appears to keep skyrocketing dramatically. With all these significant changes in the gaming industry, we want to highlight The Last World, a unique play-to-earn game that has already proved guaranteed profit for players. With a compelling storyline and outstanding design, the project’s creators want to bring players the most exciting experiences. So today, we are happy to announce the upcoming IDO deal with The Last World.

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About The Last World 

The Last World is the next-gen Metaverse and NFT MMORPG game set in a mythical far-future world. The game completely revolves around the post-apocalypse times and how NFT characters fight to survive from mutant monsters from the outer side. There, humans come out of bunkers with the goal of recreating their civilization after a global nuclear disaster wipes out all of the planets of our and other Universes. In The Last World, players will see what the Earth looks like after the apocalypse, what people need to survive after coming back from the ash, and set off on an exciting journey with their in-game characters.

The team behind the project believes that with the top development team and intense enthusiasm, they will revolutionize the entire gaming market.


The Last World key features

The Last World has a truly unique MMORPG. Playing this exciting blockchain-based game, you will see what the Earth looks like after the apocalypse, how people survive after coming back from the ash, and the adventure of the main characters. Other unique features that distinguish The Last World from other similar GameFi projects include:

Towns economy

Economic development and agricultural activities to develop and build strength before going to war, besides connecting with anyone, communicating with each other, taking care of crops, pets, etc.

3D character and pet collection

There are four main character classes with different strengths, skills, positions, and abilities. They are designed to bring a dedicated, diverse, and optimized gaming experience for players. More characters are also coming soon.

Metaverse survival battles

Players can join the war in the outer view to fight monsters and other players, survive until the comeback and get rewards.

Empire building

The Last World is a unique ecosystem where gamers can create their empires. Other players living inside have to pay tribute and obey the rules to get extra benefits.

Customized metaverse land and building

Players can buy, sell, exchange new lands and freely customize the building according to a particular style.

Why consider The Last World for investing?

The core team of top-notch professionals behind The Last World has been through many top gaming projects in the traditional market, and now they are ready to move forward and enter the blockchain market. The Last World is an outstanding GameFi project they worked on for a long time. They are dedicated to bringing a whole new experience to their community every day. The team believes their expertise, knowledge, and unique vision will definitely bring a great experience to the market, which makes the project of interest to any potential investors. What is more, the development of the Binance Smart Chain platform and Immutable X promises to bring winds of change to players and investors alike. Investing in The Last World is a fascinating opportunity in the rapidly growing GameFi sector.

How to join The Last World IDO on GamesPad?

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4. Join the IDO deal on GamesPad! 

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Last World

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