GamesHUB #7 | Art in the Age of the Metaverse

Meet our Guest:
Gal Yosef

a world-famous 3D artist and CEO of Reflection Studios

With our Host:
Constantin Kogan

GamesPad & BullPerks Co-Founder, Partner at BitBull Capital.

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Tell us a little about your recent, current and future projects. At least what you can share.

The part of getting into the results that you want is not looking at other artists while I’m working on something. I look at real life and get inspired from there. Some of my future projects include collaboration with Nike, Drew (fashion brand of Justin Bieber), and I also have a global tour to exhibit my works. The nearest destination is London. After that, Art Basel Miami Exhibition in December and then in Vegas. Besides, I’m working on crazy metaverse and fashion projects

What do you think about the NFT space? Possible evolution?

As far as this movement is new, has become popular just lately, and is based on community, it’s not that stable yet. The more positive and excited the community is, the more the NFT industry is striving. It’s a matter of staying tuned about everything happening within the space. Right now, NFTs act as a digital art, however I believe this will change. They will be used more for utilities and access, for example, buying an NFT as a ticket to get into something.

What is your vision of art evolution inside the metaverse? What are the opportunities for artists? And your goals are related to it?

For me as an artist, entering the Metaverse is very natural. At the end of the day, it will become a second world for us all with all the digital real estate and opportunities to sell products, and more. Artists will thrive in the metaverse because, for example, 3D artists will be able to build buildings which they cannot do in the real world. This is amazing and I hope this will be our future.

What would you say to artists and the rest of the audience listening to this podcast? Any tips? Insights you could share before we go?

First off, you want to create art because you love it; not because you want to reach specific high highs. Secondly, if you, for example, have figured you wish to be a sculpture as a 3D artist, you can bring yourself to the metaverse very naturally: build those buildings, characters, elements and all sorts of details. Finally, it will probably take you a few years to learn and tap into it fully so never stop learning, work hard enough and don’t be afraid.

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