Top GameFi Projects to Watch in 2022

GameFi is rising as a popular crypto investing modality. Learn more about how to invest in GameFi and how to choose the most promising projects. 

Known as GameFi, this new category of the gaming industry gained the spotlight in 2021, with new and established blockchain-based play-to-earn initiatives attempting to breathe new life into the sector. To achieve such a goal, game developers have invested in technological improvements that have enhanced the quality of games.

The GameFi segment is set to grow even more prominent in 2022. To keep our investing community ahead of this trend, we have selected the top GameFi projects to keep an eye on this year. Take a look!

How to invest in GameFi projects?

GameFi is leading the crypto universe, moving billions of dollars annually. Besides revolutionizing the gaming industry technology-wise, it is also presenting itself to be a highly profitable investment endeavor. 

There are a few ways to invest in GameFi projects: 

  • Passive investments in crypto fund pools, such as farming and staking;
  • Investing in non-financial tokens (NFTs) in GameFi and Metaverse projects;
  • Investing in GameFi projects at their IDO stage. 

While all these investing modalities offer impressive returns compared to traditional fiat money investments, financing IDOs has shown to be a flexible beginner-friendly model that also provides reasonable profits. 

IDOs or Initial Dex Offerings are a method of subsidizing used by crypto-based initiatives and entrepreneurs. The startups can raise funds by issuing an IDO token or coin on the Decentralized Liquidity Exchange platform. These IDO tokens represent assets with a concrete price in crypto or fiat currency.

Criteria for choosing a project to invest 

Choosing a promising and reliable IDO project is the first step to a successful investment venture. Unfortunately, some fake projects are still out there, meaning to scam investors, so you’ll want to look out for that.

Here are some features to look for while conducting due diligence to choose a project to invest in:

Legitimacy and security

Without a doubt, security is by far the most critical attribute to look for on crypto-based projects. You should confirm the legitimacy of the initiative’s social media and community channels and only invest through well-known and safe launchpads, like GamesPad.

Popularity and profitability

It is possible to know how popular a GameFi project is through social media. If it has a heavily engaged community waiting to access the game, it is more likely that the IDO returns will be highly profitable. The profitability also depends on how early the initiative development is. The earliest you buy the tokens, the higher the profits will be. 

Top GameFi Projects to Watch in 2022

Top 10 GameFi projects to watch

To help you on the quest to find the right project to start investing in GameFi, we have prepared a list of the most promising initiatives now available on the GamesPad platform. Check it out!

1. Outer Ring

Outer Ring is a sci-fi, MMO role-playing game with a token-based economy. Players can pick from five races and three factions to rule the galaxy and its resources. It also offers virtual reality elements, such as in-game concerts and events.

2. MetaverseMe

MetaverseMe converges fashion, music, and gaming to offer immersive experiences. The platform uses blockchain and NFT technology to power a marketplace for NFT creators and collectors to build their metaverse selves. 

3. Taunt Battleworld

Taunt Battleworld is an auto-battler fighting game based on the Ethereum network. Players can own and manage mystical fighters to ensure their elite position on an apocalyptical everlasting battlefield by choosing the best battle strategy.


KARMAVERSE is a metaverse that unifies several game worlds while also providing space and toolboxes for users to create their own games on the platform. The metaverse comes with an in-built universal marketplace where the players can trade NFTs and Tokens.

5. ALTAVA Group

ALTAVA Group is a project that combines fashion, gaming, commerce, music, and entertainment in one metaverse. Users will access the digital Altava Market and the Altava Worlds of You app that connects users to the market and functions as a social commerce gaming platform. 

6. Plutonians

Plutonians is an MMORPG-NFT environment operated by a VR-Metaverse-Blockchain built on the Solana blockchain. Players can complete missions, accumulate NFT-supported Game Items, and trade across numerous marketplaces and social media in the metaverse.

7. MetaBloxz

MetaBloxz is a metaverse platform that uses crypto technology based on the Polygon blockchain. The art industry is its primary target, becoming a host to limitless arthouses, making art more accessible to art lovers, enhancing artists’ visibility and reach, and offering space for brands to advertise their goods.

8. Gunzilla

Gunzilla is a game development company that aims to create titles that put the players’ needs and wishes first to get lost in immersive experiences. The company is currently working on an innovative shooter IP to attend to many gamers’ demands. 


XAMANNA is a technology company that designs blockchain-based software concentrated on gaming, sports loyalty, and engagement. Its system is built on Polygon but is multichain, bridging major networks such as Ethereum and BSC.

10. MetaVision

MetaVision is a BSC-based metaverse project that offers virtual merchandising and advertising, P2E gaming, and life experiences. Each feature is allocated in a different area of the metaverse, which smoothers the users’ experience. 

Top GameFi Projects to Watch in 2022

Invest in GameFi with GamesPad

GamesPad is the world’s first holistic gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem. It is a gaming incubator, game-specific multichain launchpad that provides all audiences a secure and flexible investing process. 

GamesPad is centered on community, the platform’s architecture ensures that everyone, including investors and entrepreneurs, has access to the resources they require to succeed. The team’s primary goal is to help and incubate game entrepreneurs through its extensive ecosystem, including mentorship, advising, and the creation of network ties in the gaming and cryptocurrency industries.

Because security is an essential component of a great community experience, each project is reviewed by a team of expert specialists before being launched on GamesPad, ensuring that only the most promising and high-returning initiatives are available.

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Disclaimer. This material should not be construed as a basis for making investment decisions or as a recommendation to participate in investment transactions. Trading digital assets may involve significant risks and can result in the loss of invested capital. Therefore, you must ensure that you fully understand the risk involved, consider your level of experience, investment objectives, and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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