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What Is Sleep to Earn?

What Is Sleep to Earn?

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Crypto is not only about money but about making users adopt healthy habits and be paid for it. Have you heard about Step? It is an app that allows to earn while walking – the so-called move to earn apps are already taking over the market. The more you walk the more you earn. Also, you can stake your crypto earnings to make even more money.

Sleep to earn is another solution that helps people to live better and earn from it. The Sleep Future project is already available, and its sleep to earn solution includes an innovative sleep tracker feature to reward a user when he has a good sleep.

Do you need a good night’s sleep app?

Recent statistics show that in the USA alone, 75% of people suffering from depression because of a lack of sleep. Also, studies show that about 30% of people suffer from sleep deprivation, and in some countries, 50-60% of people don’t get a good night’s rest.

This is why sleep to earn was developed – to improve the sleep quality of people and increase the time spent on this activity. Among other features, the Sleep Ecosystem includes a financial incentive to boost the user’s well-being.

Perspectives of a sleep ecosystem

It is expected that in the future, sleep-to-earn will complement the already popularย play-to-earn modelย and will contribute significantly to boosting the human physical and mental condition.

What technologies will sleep to earn application use?

To earn crypto with the Sleep app, it is not enough just to make the sleep tracker work somehow. To earn passive income while sleeping, one needs to have a good night’s sleep that really boosts mental well being.

For now, the sleep ecosystem is not completed yet. In the future, its users will benefit from many components that are still under development.


The sleep ecosystem will count with its own NFT marketplace where users will be able to get the non fungible tokens of sleepy rabbits from the rabbit university and visit a rabbit museum.

WEB 3.0

A proprietary DeFi solution with its own non-custodial wallet and a staking solution where users will be able to stake sleep tokens will make people benefit more from this financial incentive and motivate them to earn crypto while improving their physical and mental condition.


The Sleepverse alpha version is already live! It allows sleepy rabbits to connect vocally and visually. The sleepverse alpha version can already be accessed via virtual reality devices and Web3.

This sleep ecosystem will have the following fundamental component structure:

An NFT museum has been created with a focus on the architectural side that has as a purpose the creation of a futuristic gallery.

Rabbit university to educate the community about the importance of sleep, along with move to earn.

Sport podcast stadium to support the users’ healthy habits and allow them to earn cryptocurrency while they are doing what they like.

Wellness center provides users with a facility furnished with all the modern devices to enable crypto enthusiasts to earn cryptocurrency by improving their overall health. This facility encourages people to have enough rest in a spa worthy environment and earning rewards.

So, while being a sleep-to-earn ecosystem with a focal point on sleep health, it allows you to benefit from many activities just like aย properly developed metaverseย would do.

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The Benefits of Utilizing Sleep to Earn

The insomnia market is growing, with pharmacology companies making millions on sleep pills and meds that help people to relax.

But what about improving your physical and mental well-being without all those medications?

With the first solution of sleep to earn, you can benefit in many ways:

You can monitor your sleep score to ensure you get enough quality sleep.

You download app and get access to all the activities aimed at boosting human physical and mental health.

While contributing to your physical and mental well-being, this blockchain technology-based app will enable you to earn passively: you can get rewards in the form of sleep tokens, earn NFTs, stake tokens, and contribute to your self-development at the same time.

Troubleshooting Common Sleeping Mistakes with Sleep 2 Earn

Sleep is a complex matter for most of us. Sleep-to-earn platforms are created not only for fun and getting some rewards. They help us to eliminate common sleeping mistakes we make and open a new frontier to us as users and healthy people:

They assist us in becoming consistent and developing a healthy routine

We use too much artificial light, dimming it would facilitate falling asleep.

How many of us do various activities while staying in bed? For example, playing our favorite games prevents us from falling asleep on time.

Should you invest in sleep to earn crypto?

There are two main indicators that you need good sleep to earn app:

You cannot sleep properly and need external motivation such as a carefully developed reward system to sleep

Everything is ok with your sleep but you want to earn NFTs and crypto, and benefit from the reward system a sleep to earn app offers.

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Sleep to earn applications are already taking over the market. Whether you need to adjust the time spent sleeping, improve the sleep quality, or simply want to earn while relaxing, this trend is for you!

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Disclaimer. This material should not be construed as a basis for making investment decisions or as a recommendation to participate in investment transactions. Trading digital assets may involve significant risks and can result in the loss of invested capital. Therefore, you must ensure that you fully understand the risk involved, consider your level of experience, investment objectives, and seek independent financial advice if necessary.